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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 23, 2024 6:00am-7:00am PST

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and covid hit and there was some stuff. no major world issues. now biden is charge with ukraine, the middle east and trump did a great job and think he will do a great job again. >> one last person. tell me who you will vote for and why. >> donald trump. the current administration has caused the cost of business and living in general to go up and donald trump is the man to get it fixed. >> thank you for being here. it has been a great time being in south carolina. talking to the former president later today and be on "fox & friends" weekend tomorrow. send it back to you guys. >> "fox & friends" we will also have ainsley who will be at lizard's thicket. >> go to the elmwood location. special coverage of the south carolina primary tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> bill: making putin pay. the white house sanctioning russia over the death of aleaks
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anavalny. the new penalties described as crushing. are they really? a look at that on friday. i'm bill hemmer end of the week. nice to see you. it's not the end of the week. >> dana: we have work to do and there is a south carolina primary. i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." we're happy to be with you this morning. the sanctions target russia's mill temporary supply chain amid a spike in hostilities between washington and moscow. >> president biden has made a rude remark about you again. rude, yes. >> i don't want to quote it. he is the united states president and called you a crazy son of a b. you asked who would be preferred as future president of the united states. i said we would work with any president. i suppose for us, for russia, biden is more preferable. >> sanctions also coincide with the two-year anniversary of the russian war with ukraine this weekend, two years ago.
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critics suggesting a lack of american strength is prolonging the conflict. >> it's an open secret our sanctions haven't been nearly as effective as they were expected to be and as we announced them to be. two reasons for that. one is the administration itself. this administration has had an open valve in not being as effective as they should be. >> dana: bret baier traveled to ukraine with an interview with president zelenskyy. first let's go to jacque heinrich at the white house. hi. >> good morning, dana. it is being billed by the administrations the sanctions target individuals connected to navalny's death but also russia's defense industrial base and network of back door entities it has used to evade sanctions. up until now the biden administration has tried to
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target russia's economy that would become apparent over time. sanctioning central banks and capping oil prices. it hasn't been very effective. china, india, brazil have bought cheap russian oil in record amounts and russia has used that money to prop up its war machine and stimulate its economy. u.s. avoided friction with countries partnering with russia and failed to confront countries like turkey serving as alternative supply chain middle men for technology banned. >> if he wants to announce additional sanctions against russia. that's great. we're all for that. what the biden administration needs to answer is why they haven't enforced the current sanctions that have allowed the russians to grow their economy and rebuild their military industrial complex. a decision president biden made and detrimental to the war in ukraine. >> yesterday biden met with navalny's widow and daughter in
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california and briefly spoke to the press. in his remarks he mistakenly referred to her as yolanda. >> president biden: he was a man of incredible courage and it's amazing how his wife and daughter are emulating that. yolanda will continue to fight it. we're not letting up. >> we're expecting the sanctions list from the treasury department later this morning. the president has cited navalny's death and russia's brutality as another reason that congress needs to pass more aid for ukraine. dana. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: let's bring in bret bare who has had quite a week. welcome home and thank you for being here today. part of the sanctions are designed so that russia cannot build new weapons. maybe it's possible. but when you think about iran and north korea and all on the list russia a finding a way to resupply all the time.
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>> listen, good morning. it is good to be home and you realize how blessed we are to live in this place when you go to far reaches of the front lines there. it is -- i think these sanctions could be significant but it is a matter of whether the administration is really enforcing them. we've seen it with iran and early russian sanctions. this seems like a significant move. we don't know until we see it laid out for us. i will tell you in the after math of this interview i have digested what came out of it with zelenskyy. i found that in between the lines, he is sending the signal that with a strong push, he believes he can get to a negotiating table in a strong position and possibly do something that changes the dynamic and ends the war. he said it numerous times in different ways through the interview. i tried to get at it and there may be something there. clearly he is making an appeal
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for the funding that's stuck in the house. >> dana: i want to ask you about those things. marc thiessen, our colleague, wrote in the "washington post" yesterday if republicans want to help president trump to become president they would pass the aid now so that trump would be in a position to help zelenskyy get to the very thing that you are talking about, bret. here is a sound bite from your interview last night how the war ends. >> ending where we began, two years is a long time. i know you feel it, i've talked to people in your streets who feel it. so when does it end? >> it is not very fair to ask ukrainians when the war will finish. we are doing everything possible for the war to end as soon as possible. when the world will be ready to stop putin. let's be frank. the world is not really ready for putin to be able to lose his power. >> dana: this morning we woke up to the news senator chuck
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schumer is in ukraine. he doesn't need convincing that ukraine needs funding. many others in congress do. how do you feel that will go in the next week or so? >> yeah, just a couple things logistically. as he is looking off to his translator and some of the more complicated questions he said he wanted to hit he did not do in english. he did it in ukrainian as he did there. i think he was sending the message that the world has to get used to putin losing, at least losing in this front and maybe he suggested the people of russia rising up. i don't see there is any indication that is going to happen even after navalny's death you see a real crackdown in russia. i think the appeal is made to republicans who realize that a weak russia is probably good for the u.s. in the long term but have to get their head around whether it's worth this money.
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there is a lot of focus on the border and other issues we have in this country. that debate is significant. they are saying this is worth the money and it could end quicker with it. that's a decision congress has to come to. >> bill: i was thinking about your first answer there. was he suggesting -- talking about negotiations and negotiated. was he intimating a cease-fire? was he thinking about cutting a deal? >> numerous times. >> bill: how well did he describe that to you? what would it look like? >> i went at it that russia controls about 18% of that country. ukrainians have fought back and got 55% of the russian territory that was claimed. they got it back. russia is still sitting on 18% largely in the east. i said the question was, if the deal came and there you see the map, that russia keeps this 18% where the lines are now but the other 82% is a sovereign secure
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nation that maybe is a member of e.u. and nato, would you take that deal? eventually got to the place saying there is a document that is drawn up but it needs to be signed off by the big countries in the world to provide security. that's the main concern, security. they are talking about fighting towards the 1991 everything is theirs and russia is out of there. numerous times in this interview there were negotiated points that he said are there. he just needs to be in a position of strength to do it. see if he can do it. >> bill: one last point. great job, job well done. if that's the case that's the new front line of cold war 3.0 as long as putin is in power to the east and ukraine moving closer to the e.u. and potentially nato at some point. that's the new line. >> yeah.
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the question is if you believe putin would stop there. he said he has no ambitions for poland and latvia and lithuania. they don't buy that and think he will be on the move. i do want to say one thing. the crew was fantastic. we did a lot of traveling. 12 hours on a train, seven hours armored truck. four hours to get to the front line. it was just a lot of effort to get there. and i think that it paid off. i think that it is interesting to hear that side and see that front line position. and to see in a hospital, see the wounded soldiers with limbs lost. there is a lot of nationalism inside ukraine and patriotism. but a lot of worry about what the future looks like. they don't know. >> dana: thank you for being our eyes and ears. we appreciate it and look forward to seeing you tomorrow as well. >> bill: that full interview streams now on fox nation. for bret's show and the fox nation team put together a great
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special on the life of navalny. encourage you all to watch it. it drops today and you will see how much courage this man showed to try to change the country of russia throughout his life. right now fox nation both items are available. >> dana: the university of georgia says they suspect foul play after police found a woman's body on campus. classes will cancel through monday. students say they are on edge. madison scar pino is live from athens, georgia, with more. >> good morning, dana. we're outside the uga intramural fields, a popular running spot for students and it is where police found the nursing student dead with visible injuries after she never returned home from a run. police say that there hasn't been a homicide on campus in 20 years and right now still no arrest and no suspect. >> when you have a suspect that is on the loose, there is always a danger. but there is no immediate danger at this time.
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my investigators will be working this case day and night and look at every camera we have. >> the victim was a nursing student at august us yeah university in athens. uga police department got a call around noon yesterday from one of her friends. the caller said the friend had gone on a run at the intramural fields and hadn't returned home. about 30 minutes later, police found the student's body in a wooded area near a lake. the university is asking students to walk in groups and be aware of their surroundings. all of this has some students really scared. >> it's usually really busy. people bring their dogs and friends and usually a super social place. i am shocked. i feel like jittery inside. >> classes at uga and the august
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-- the schools are offering counseling for students who need it. >> dana: a very tragic ending. thank you >> nikki haley is losing to me. she is hurting the party. we have to stick together as a party. we have enough of a fight. >> bill: here we go again. donald trump and nikki haley making closing arguments in south carolina. the big vote is saturday. haley is focusing on foreign policy among other items. how close can she get in the vote this weekend? >> dana: police investigating a stabbing the in times square. it was a brawl involving dozens of people. >> bill: we've shown you the story this week. san diego is getting ready for a mass release of migrants. bill melugin is there this morning. hello, bill. >> good morning to you. as we wait and stand by for a
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>> bill: you might remember this scene out of the white house. the president was overseas and gavin newsom showed up at the west wing. he is back at the white house today meeting with the president at the same time, however, you have a mass release of migrants expected to happen throughout san diego and that's where bill melugin reports from today. you've been following it all week. what happens now? >> good morning to you. we've been hearing from multiple border patrol. federal and local sources that mass street releases of migrants
6:20 am
are expected to restart this morning here in san diego county at stations like the one behind me. we're keeping an eye for that. in the meantime you often here us talk about some countries around the world who don't cooperate when it comes to accepting their citizens back for deportation. venezuela is one of them. we'll show you how bad the problem is. the first graphic. stunning numbers, there are 335,000 venezuelan nationals encountered, only 834 were deported from the united states. that's less than a drop in the bucket. why is it happening? the maduro regime is uncooperative in taking their citizens back. the biden administration got them to take some removal flights. those flights have come to a halt in recent weeks and happening with chinese nationals. the second graphic here, 24,000 chinese nationals encountered at our border in fiscal year 2023.
6:21 am
only 228 chinese deported. the massive majority of chinese crossing are here to stay. a recent "new york times" report revealed there are about 100,000 chinese nationals already in the u.s. with final orders of removal who still have not been deported. look at these images here . border patrol chief reporting they recently arrested 10 illegal immigrants with violent criminal histories with murder, rape, drug and weapons trafficking. 6400 of these criminals have been arrested since october 1st. that's an average of 44 illegal immigrant criminals per day being arrested by border patrol at our southern border. we'll keep an eye out what's going on in san diego. >> bill: it's clear from your numbers that any migrant who gets here for the most part have a really good chance of staying here. thank you, bill, talk to you later in san diego. >> dana: only 24 hours away until the south carolina primary. nikki haley hoping for some home state magic to chalk up her
6:22 am
first victory in the race for the republican nomination. donald trump looks to pull further away. mark meredith is live -- i know he loves this place, charleston, south carolina. hi, mark. >> dana, i sure do. i have dining suggestions i will talk to you about later on today. we'll see former president trump as well as former ambassador nikki haley on the stump across south carolina generating excitement for tomorrow's primary. trump is likely to dominate. haley is a household name in this state. they've been going at each other in their recent speeches. trump says he is the only one that can unite the republican party and haley rejects that. >> in south carolina, nikki haley is losing to me. looks like she will lose by 20 25 or 30 points. people don't like her too much. shh he is hurting the party. i don't care. let her run. think of it. if she is not running they
6:23 am
aren't talking about us. >> we don't anoint kings in america. we have election. after two states there is no way we were going to name him the nominee. south carolinians deserve the right to vote as do every other state. >> one problem haley faces in south carolina, the lack of support from the big names in the republican establishment. the governor of south carolina backing trump as well as the state's two republican senators. we heard from senator tim scott casting his vote. he says he believes it is important for haley to drop out sooner rather than later. >> the one person that stands in the way of having a conversation between joe biden and donald trump is nikki haley and so getting out of the way is incredibly important not for the party, but for americans. >> there are 50 delegates up for grabs in the winner take allstate. trump has 63 delegates, haley
6:24 am
17. while no one is close to the 1200 plus delegates needed to win super tuesday is fast approaching and see a lot more delegates get handed out. a lot of attention is here in south carolina. the polls tomorrow early voting had already happened and we'll be looking to see what kind of turnout comes out for haley and trump. haley says she will be in it long after the polls close tomorrow here in the palmetto state. >> dana: what's the weather forecast for tomorrow? >> tomorrow is looking better. temperatures in the mid 50s. sun. just today. we'll try to find a steakhouse to dry out. >> dana: let me know. >> bill: still beats new york, mark, all right? >> dana: south carolina is such a beautiful state with the most wonderful people. fun to talk about all that tomorrow night. we'll be here with martha and bret. more of our friends, of course. it will be a good night and we'll shape that up and also talk about the general election. that's coming up. also this. >> going into the office of
6:25 am
attorney general every day suing him, defending your rights and then going home. >> that was july of 2018. now we're six years later and she got her man. donald trump now wants to delay this massive payment in order to file his appeal and the judge has made his decision again. $355 million in fine, is that fair even before the appeals have played out? jonathan turley will take it on next. a tech company's market value jumps $276 billion in one day. is a.i. the real deal or is it the next bubble? ♪ nth, each lasting 4 ho urs urs or more - can be overwhelming. so, ask your doctor about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start. it's the #1 prescribed branded chronic migraine
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>> dana: well, in just a couple seconds trading will be open an wall street and you'll see what's happening. investors are looking to end the
6:31 am
week on a high note. i don't notify if big is the way to describe it. tremendous gains. increasing its market value by a whopping $276 billion for one company. the highest one-day jump ever. another sign that the art firm intelligence industry is booming indeed. what are we looking at, bill? kelly o'grady on site with us. i thought we would see more of the market. ist is up 84 points. kelly o'grady, he knows a lot more about this than i do. educate me. >> okay. this is such an important time for business and for nvidia. it's set to revolutionize industries. nvidia is at the heart of everything. the reason being they provide the building blocks for other industries to use a.i. they make the processing chips
6:32 am
that power genretive a.i. the a.i. chatbots. self-driving technology. muk said he will take their chips as fast as they can make them. complicated mathematical complications and their chips power that. the way intel powered computers and the internet revolution. the reason why nvidia is a runaway success it controls 80% of the market. their chips development and investment feels like light years ahead of their competitors and this industry is developing fast so it's piling on. their ceo made a right bet. he predicted that a.i. would be so big years ago and made that shift. listen. >> it has kicked off a new investment cycle to build the next trillion dollars of infrastructure.
6:33 am
we believe the 2 trends will drive a doubling of the world's data center infrastructure in the next five years. and will represent an annual market opportunity in the hundreds of billions. >> stock is booming. you have companies laying off people with the economic challenges, everyone is still investing in a.i. they don't want to pull back on that. quick numbers from earnings. they increased their profit over 700%. their sales tripled nearly versus last year and that's why you see this. the only challenges ahead for them are relationship with china. trade relationship and if sam altman or other competitors take some of that market share. >> bill: remarkable story and american story base evidence in california. i don't think people talk about that evidence. the chips act was passed two years ago to manufacture more chips at home. a.i. may have benefited from that. we want to get out of china and
6:34 am
produce it here for national security issues. the question is when -- who can catch nvidia? if they're doing it so well than all the other companies and if the big boys, microsoft, meta , google are their biggest customers that's domination in a big tech world. >> it is wild. this story. to your question who can catch them, there is amd. they are investing a lot. if you were to invest to the point where you can capture some of that demand. nvidia is not able to give enough chips to all these companies. the think i'm a little worried, most of their chips are coming from taiwan. they have to invest per the chips act here. if you had a company that was able to capitalize on that and put up a bunch of money. sam altman is trying to do that. that is someone who has the brand, the name, the backing of
6:35 am
microsoft. you could see them take a run. >> bill: this is a product. it is not just in the ether. they are crushing it right now for some time. nice to see you. good explanation, too. >> dana: i appreciate it. now i get it. >> bill: donald trump's pocketbook taking a major hit sooner than expected. the judge rejected a request from his defense team to postpone paying a $355 million fine, 400 million now. they were asking for a delay of 30 days. the judge late yesterday said forget it. jonathan turley is here on that. good morning to you. here is what judge engoron said. you have failed to explain, much less justify, any basis for a stay. i'm confident that the appellate division will protect your appellate rights. letitia james just last week after the verdict. she has been talking about this for years, jonathan. here is last week. >> every day americans cannot
6:36 am
lie to a bank about how much money they have in order to get a mortgage to buy a home. or a loan to keep their business afloat. or to send their child to college. and if they did, our government would throw the book at them. >> bill: i know you have problems with this. i don't think a lot of people understand that before you can file for an appeal, whether the appeal is successful or not, you have to put up the money. >> that's right. and it was funny with the judge's quote. the explanation is in the figure. he just imposed a $355 million judgment with a law that has never been used in this way. that's the reason. and it's rather obvious. you also have people like james who have never built a thing other than their political careers who are now treating these buildings as if they are
6:37 am
theirs. she said that she is eyeballing a couple of properties that she might want to seize like this is a fire sale. and the fact is that the judge showed absolutely no sense of equity in any of this. his decision is the decision of a single jurist. this party wants to have a review. in order to do that he has to pony up what is about half a billion dollars. and that has a gross unfairness to it when you combine the use of the law and the size of his judgment and then this requirement for a deposit. but he just simply brushed those aside and his tone was almost bordered on the mocking. >> bill: so contrast that with the piece today in the "wall street journal." former governor jeb bush helped pen this.
6:38 am
musk and donald trump cases im peril the rule of law. a dispassionate justice system is at the heart of american -- the country will be poor if we lose it. the case against donald trump now and they are talking about a case in delaware against musk where a plaintiff bought nine shares of tesla six years ago for $2 hundred. the value today is 2,000. good for him and i hope more people did it back then. but musk's severance package also makes him the beneficiary of tesla's success. he would get $56 billion in a bonus. the judge is trying to unwind that. come back to this line about a dispassionate justice system and how do you see this play out? >> i was shocked by the musk decision because this was all laid out with a series of
6:39 am
objectives or goals that musk met and exceeded. you have a shareholder who was the beneficiary of the fact musk was successful. the value of his small number of shares went up ten times. that's the reason why the board said okay, we set out the objectives, you met them and exceeded them. here is your reward. this is very different what the court did here but it is the level of glee that is so similar to what you see with trump of many people. musk became -- the minute he said he wanted to role back on censorship on twitter. that was the key moment when suddenly the mob formed and they have been after him unrelentingly since that point. but when you see these public celebrations in delaware and new york, it really shatters your confidence as a business in those systems. new york used to draw people because it was the center of
6:40 am
corporate law. it is now repelling people because of what happened with james. >> bill: it's an important story. celebrate a verdict like a popular public execution. that takes us back to a day. have a good weekend. thanks for coming in and explaining that today. jonathan turley, thanks. >> dana reads sports. >> dana: vindication for the top nfl prospect matt -- super bowl champion kansas city chiefs signed him to replace their punter. he was first a draft evidence in 2022 and cut from the team. after months of investigation it was found he was never involved in that incident and the woman dropped her lawsuit in december. he says he is proud and honored to sign a new contract and they will have a good time. >> bill: i would say, yep. uh-huh. redemption. >> dana: is it araza? >> i don't know.
6:41 am
here we go. check it out. >> our president, president biden, has not done enough. we are so angry that we are willing and going to turn our backs on the democratic party. >> bill: that woman has not sat down on this issues. chicago turning on leadership for their handling of the migrant crisis and that woman is one of them. we'll talk to her. plus this. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> bill: it took more than 50 years, the united states has gone back to the moon. why did it take so long? jimmy failla has answers on this. he is the expert in charge. >> i do own a nasa jacket. i would have worn that. ♪ -thanks for swinging by, carl. -no problem.
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i'm katie porter and i approve this message. he's the hundred-percent pro-trump candidate for u.s. senate: republican eric early. always supports trump and the maga agenda. republican eric early. endorsed by the california pro-life council... ...opposed to all abortion. and eric early loves the second amendment. eric early. way more dangerous than steve garvey. he dodges trump. garvey even said he might vote for biden. republican eric early for u.s. senate. too maga. too trump. too dangerous.
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>> i know when this was a nail biter but we are on the surface and we are transmitting and welcome to the moon. >> dana: the united states successfully landing on the moon for the first time in over 50 years. fox across america jimmy failla joins us now. >> bill: one more time with feeling. >> great story. >> dana: talk about space. >> it touched down yesterday. they said the lander touched down but it actually lost its signal back to earth which they had at&t. i don't know what nasa is running on these days. we have to get them veer i -- this used to be 4% of our gdp
6:48 am
and private sector has picked up the pace. to be clear it is a return. i have a lot of people who call into my show to this day. i did a moon landing documentary. we know google a.i. showed us a picture of the all black flight crew yesterday. >> dana: good morning, everybody. show a little clip from that documentary you did. >> if they faked the moon landing, what do you consider to be in your mind the most suspicious things that indicate it might have been fake? >> after this conversation, nothing. >> dana: that's pretty exciting. >> my good friend bart. >> bill: we want to get to the story about major league baseball. they bought some uniforms and not doing the job. >> dana: did they get them at
6:49 am
lulu lemon? >> they bought them off the costume designer from magic mike. see-through pants. the major league new uniforms are using a material that's thinner. they claim it is more stretchy. the players don't like it. let me say they're very revealing. i'm using my 10:00 a.m. language instead of my saturday language. a photo went viral of casey schmidt that is a little more revealing than the traditional uniform picture. let's just say. >> dana: when can i see this picture? >> in my text messages to hemmer. i'm sure it's online somewhere as well. they look like fake knock-off jerseys and come with a -- >> the man has been exposed. no other way to say it. not good at all. >> dana: don't they test these pants before they put them out there? >> they should have. apparently they didn't.
6:50 am
i'm really trying here. when the umpire calls a ball he should only be talking about the pitch. we don't know if that will be the case with these uniforms. i have tapped dance as much as i can for you, perino. >> dana: there are four balls to a walk. that's one thing i know. >> you add two more with these uniforms. >> dana: we'll see you tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. >> bill: well done. you rode the line. we can't show the pictures. you can find it on a.i. somewhere and it is not artificial. ron desantis sending the national guard to respond to the crisis on the southern border. we'll talk with the sheriff on a rural texas county on the impact this might have. stay tuned for that, and this. here a look at the u.s.s. eisenhower. they are taking the fight to
6:51 am
yemen and the houthi rebels.
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>> there is not precluding anybody from participating in sports. what it is, it's identifying that there are women and girls who spend a tremendous amount of time and effort to excel and compete in their sports. >> it has happened for the first time. that is nassau county executive in long island, new york, announcing an order that bans trans women and girls from women's sports in the county facilities. that order allows trans men and boys to play in competitions for men but this move now goes against local and national sports association guidelines. blakeman says it is necessary, it is imperative to maintain fairness for women and girls. nassau county, new york. >> dana: the crisis at the southern border is having a major impact on our rural texas county. the terrell county sheriff's
6:57 am
office has encountered several large groups of migrants with tough terrain. we're great to have you here, sheriff. you grew up there and this is your home. why is now different than other times you have witnessed in the past? >> i tell you exactly what the difference is. when this administration started. i don't like to pit one administration against the other. as i mentioned before, we had -- i worked under five presidential administrations going under president clinton. all progressed border security. what is going on right now? just like the rest of the border this last three years we have seen apprehensions and crossings and gotaways and deaths skyrocket in our county. >> dana: i want to show this. the migrant encounters trump versus biden. trump 2.5 million.
6:58 am
biden 7.9 million. the border patrol says this in terms of arrests in fiscal year 2024, 6,400 with criminal convictions and 178 of those have gang affiliations. one thing you told me that's different is that unlike other places maybe like eagle pass, you are encountering migrants who don't want to be presented to authorities. >> yes, ma'am. what's happened in eagle pass and el paso, what happened in del rio and in lukeville and san diego, california with people coming to our borders to claim asylum and being allowed to come in, what we experience out here are people that are sneaking across the border. they want to be undetected when they enter the united states. and then when we encounter them, they run. if we encounter them on the highway being smuggled, which back to fiscal year 23 we
6:59 am
encountered 116. we took 116 vehicles off the road. the point is, each of those, each and every one led us in a pursuit. it is extremely dangerous for our community as well as the officers. >> dana: the fentanyl discussion has been lost. are migrants usually trying to sneak fentanyl into the country when you encounter them? >> no, ma'am, not in this particular area. there is reason behind that. it is not passing here. it was our coordination with the government of mexico. you are right. fentanyl discussion in my opinion has been lost by what's happening in those cities where we are having all the asylum seekers. let me tell you what. when we talk about politics and there is no politics in grief but unfortunately, for those smuggling the dangerous drugs such as fentanyl into our borders that's a political
7:00 am
affair and it's a shame and sad because thousands -- hundreds of thousands of americans are dying. >> dana: we're watching screen left migrants apparently that are wading through the river trying to figure out a way to get through but the state of tech as has the razor wire there. photo ops that politicians take at the border and nothing gets solved. >> i have participated in some of those. many others come to the border saying that we've seen it and understand it. i tell you what. i lived it in my entire life. when you are down here living it and you are affected by it. landowners, citizens. this is the federal government's responsibility. i have to say what governor abbott has done along the border and the barbed wire and my county specifically with the help of tech as parks


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